Photo Credit: Septian Simon
Photo Credit: Septian Simon
Photo Credit: Septian Simon

On the train
I check the news
Another hate crime
More attacks
I get a paper cut.

On the streets of NYC
I hear men calling me
“China Doll”
“Be My Orderway Bride”
Another paper cut.

Walk through the doors
Take a seat at my desk
I look around
Code Switch. Code Switch. Code Switch.
Be thankful.
Another paper cut.

Turn on the computer
Check voicemail
Check emails
Voluntold again
Another paper cut.

I start to work
Trying not to bleed
Keep pushing
Be strong.

Lunch time Home-cooked food “What are you eating?” Paper cut. “Can you say it in…

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Photo Taken by Stephanie McCabe

As a child, we are taught that birthdays are a day to celebrate. Many individuals will throw a party to acknowledge and toast the person who is now a year older. Most importantly, it is a day to be reminded of how loved we are by our friends and family.

Our society has taught us that we should be happy and joyful on our birthday. We should be grateful to be alive and thankful for all the adventures we have experienced. We are also taught to be hopeful and excited about what the next year will bring us. …

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A house is a place where one lives.

It provides shelter and protects you from the rain.

It offers you a place to breathe. To let loose. To be free.

But when does that house become a home?

After you move all your stuff in?

After you lived there for a year? Five years? Ten years?

Is it the people who we live with that makes it a home?

Is it a place, individual(s), or feeling?

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Photo of me at the Carrick a Rege Rope Bridge in Northern Ireland. Photo was taken in July 2018.

Everyone is unique in their own beautiful way. Our differences adds so much value to the world and allows us to learn from one another. In life, we grow and explore who we are. There comes a point in your life where you figure out your identity and begin to feel comfortable in your own skin. When you get there, nothing can stop you. However, it is a journey. This adventure can be filled with many unpleasant feelings and make you feel as if you are alone. Good news is …You aren’t alone. Everyone at one point or another questions…

Kayla Kim Votapek

Korean Adoptee ❤ Stories about Race, Identity, Mental Health & Life. Website:

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